Guillermo Eduardo Ibarra Escobar, Ph.D
Director of the School of International Studies and Public Policy
Blas Valenzuela Camacho, Ph.D
Academic Secretary
Ana Luz Ruelas Monjardín, Ph.D
CEGDER Coordinator


Tel: +52 (667) 712.79.37
Fax: +52 (667) 752.14.20

Center for the Study of Globalization and Regional Development

Founded in 2003, CEGDER is the research center integrated by professors who teach at the Faculty of International Studies and Public Policy. Our research group addresses issues related to territorial, economic and social aspects in the context of the recent transformations of global capitalism, including:

The CEGDER was originally integrated by the professors of the Consolidated Academic Group of PROMEP “Internacionales UAS-131”, now it is working as an associated research group with other academic areas. As part of its spreading activities, the center has published a book series, the "Local and global studies collection", which shows the results of contributions made by its researchers. The CEGDER offers scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students who wish to work in research projects of its members, with the purpose of elaborating a thesis. It also has an exchange program with professors and students in different universities in North America such as: UCLA, University of Arizona, Florida State University, University of Alberta, Carleton University, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Since 2010, the CEGDER has established a collaborative program with professors from UIUC Department of Urban and Regional Planning in order to conduct joint research projects and to enable fieldwork for graduate students.